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Home Health

Home Health

The Cameron Regional Medical Center Home Health Agency offers a coordinated system of health care in the security and comfort of the patient’s own home. The Home Health Agency’s team of health care professionals is knowledgeable and dedicated to excellent, compassionate care for its patients and their families.

Services Include

  • Skilled Nursing – Dressing changes, diabetic care, catheter and colostomy care, blood tests, monitoring of general condition of patient, medications, disease process education, and intravenous therapy, including Pediatric care.
  • Home Health Aide – Personal care (bathing, hair and skin care), vital signs, and weight checks.
  • Physical Therapy – Exercise program, instruction in the use of equipment, and ambulation and gait training.

The CRMC Home Health Agency provides services throughout the counties of Caldwell, Clinton, Daviess, DeKalb, and Harrison. Medicare, Medicaid, Veterans’ Administration, private insurance, and private pay are all recognized payment sources.

How to Qualify

In order to qualify for Home Health service, the patient must have a physician’s order, be homebound, and require skilled nursing services and/or physical therapy. Medicare also requires a “face-to-face” visit with the ordering physician or nurse practitioner. This face-to-face encounter must occur within 90 days prior to the start of Home Health care, or within 30 days after the start of care.

For more information on Home Health services, please call: (816) 632-5124