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Comfort Care Hospice

Comfort Care Hospice

The Comfort Care Hospice team dedicates its time and effort to assisting terminally-ill patients with living the most comfortable and fulfilling life possible. This enables patients and their families to make the most of their remaining months and days together. Specially-trained nurses and staff members work to provide compassionate medical, social, and spiritual care (as desired) for this part of life’s journey.

Hospice care is designed to provide comfort and support to patients and their families when a life-limiting illness no longer responds to cure-oriented treatments. Providing personalized care that is sensitive to the desires of the individual and his/her family enables the focus to remain on dignity and comfort. Services can be provided at the patient’s home, in an assisted living facility, or in a nursing home.

Hospice is needed when a person has changed his/her medical treatment goals from curative care to comfort care, and when the attending physician determines that a terminal illness has a prognosis of six months or less. At that time, Comfort Care Hospice will focus on alleviating the symptoms related to the illness to provide the best possible quality of life for the comfort of the patient and the family’s peace of mind.

Hospice Care is a Team Approach

The team is made up of the patient and attending physician, the Hospice Medical Director, RNs, LPNs, certified Hospice aides, social worker, Spiritual Care Coordinator, Bereavement Specialist, and volunteers.

Service Areas

Comfort Care Hospice serves most areas of eleven surrounding counties: Andrew, Buchanan, Caldwell, Clinton, Daviess, DeKalb, Gentry, Grundy, Harrison, Livingston, and Ray.


Hospice services are covered by Medicare and Medicaid. We also work diligently to coordinate with private insurance companies to maximize the Hospice benefit.

Comfort Care Hospice is a subsidiary of Cameron Regional Medical Center. For over twenty years, we have been providing quality care and support for the journey of life.

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