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Cardiac Therapy

The outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation program at CRMC is an extremely beneficial outpatient phase for those who have recently experienced a cardiac event or complication and have been discharged from the hospital. By initiating Cardiac Rehab after a coronary event or heart procedure, the patient is given the best opportunity to develop a healthy and more active lifestyle.

Through physician referral, CRMC patients receive a thorough initial medical evaluation of their physical, emotional, social, and nutritional state. A customized, goal-oriented program is then designed to best meet the physical reconditioning and retraining needs of the individual. Utilizing exercise equipment, monitoring devices, and the latest techniques, CRMC staff members work to enable each patient to achieve his or her maximum potential for recovery and enhanced quality of life.

With a goal of improving each cardiac patient’s health and prognosis (long-term outcome), this comprehensive program includes cardiac risk factor modification, education, and counseling. Patients are monitored by staff certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support.

Some of the benefits to be realized from CRMC’s Cardiac Rehab program include:

  • Improvement in exercise tolerance
  • Improvement in symptoms
  • Improvement in blood lipid (cholesterol) levels
  • Reduction in elevated blood pressure
  • Weight reduction
  • Reduction of stress
  • Reduction in mortality

CRMC Cardiac Rehabilitation Program
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Occupational Therapy


Physical Therapy

The purpose of the Cameron Regional Medical Center Physical Therapy Department is not only to minimalize pain, but to normalize function, thus providing a quick return to normal activities and establishing a continuing prevention program.  Working closely with your Cameron Regional Medical Center physician, we are able to promote our patients with a well-rounded program of rehabilitation, education, prevention, and fitness.

The physical therapy program at Cameron Regional Medical Center provides the opportunity for our patients to achieve optimal results and, in some cases, avoid surgery.  General outpatient physical therapy for pre-op, post-op, and non-surgical patients is offered, as well as occupational therapy to aid in the development of small motor functions.  Many of our patients can benefit from the treatments available from our physical therapy department.

Gentle care and consideration are primary goals as we help our patients regain their strength, increase their confidence, and ultimately help them to realize their full potential.

For more information, please call: (816) 649-3252

Pulmonary Rehab

CRMC’s outpatient Pulmonary Rehab program is designed to gradually condition your body and help increase your endurance and strength. Increased endurance will make daily activities and other chosen pursuits that much easier for you.

The program lasts 12 weeks, and exercise sessions are held three times per week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday). The more you exercise, the greater the benefits you will realize. You may be given a list of exercises that you can do at home. Daily exercise is key to improving symptoms and increasing your exercise tolerance.

You will receive an educational handbook for your reference. You will have a verbal review and the chance to have any questions answered. We encourage you to ask questions at any time, and family members are more than welcome to attend your first evaluation.

Your exercise program is customized for you based on results of your pre-admission testing. Exercises utilize various pieces of equipment such as NuSteps, treadmills, arm ergometer, stairs, and weights.

The program is supervised by R.N.s and Respiratory Therapists and is overseen by a Medical Director/Physician. All staff members are trained in pulmonary condi¬tioning and rehabilitation. In addition to our regular staff, we have consulting staff members such as Dieticians, Pharmacists, and Physical Therapists who assist in various areas and with education.

CRMC Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program
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(800) 852-0659, Ext. 3241

Respiratory Therapy

For more information, please call: (816) 649-3284

Speech Therapy