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Business Office Information

When You Arrive at Cameron Regional Medical Center

Upon arrival at the Medical Center at your scheduled appointment time, you will need to check in at the Patient Registration (Admitting) desk located by the main entrance. Here you will sign papers giving permission for treatment and release of information. All pertinent patient information will be entered and/or verified at this time. If you have been given a pre-surgery packet, please make sure to bring this with you.

It is imperative that you also bring proper identification (such as a driver’s license), all your current insurance cards, and your social security number with you. The Patient Registration Office will need to make a copy of these cards to ensure your relevant information is on file. Also bring a current list of your medications, including the name of the drug, the dosage, and how often you take it; or you may bring your prescript¬ion bottles. All valuables should be left at home.

Attention Medicare Patients

Medicare will not pay for your self-administered drugs that you require while an outpatient at CRMC. This includes Observation status, Emergency Room, and Day Surgery. Therefore, it is imperative that you bring ALL of your current medications with you. There are also certain items that Medicare will not pay for when you are an inpatient, such as ointments, moisturizers, wipes, etc.

Health Information

In accordance with HIPAA regulations, you should be prepared to tell us your wishes regarding privacy and release of information; i.e., with which of your family members and/or friends should we disclose/discuss your personal information (“Protected Health Information”), whether these designated individuals can receive medical information and/or billing/insurance information, and your wishes regarding visitors and callers.

If you are admitting a child, you will need to sign a written consent allowing us to provide your child with medical care. Guardians must bring legal proof of guardianship.

Notice of Financial Assistance Policy

(Plain Language Summary)

Financial Assistance Offered
Cameron Regional Medical Center (“CRMC”) has a Financial Assistance Policy that provides for a discount from billed charges for emergency and other medically necessary care furnished to eligible patients who meet specified criteria.

Eligibility Requirements
Eligibility will be determined, after receipt of a completed Application for Financial Assistance, based on family income (based on Federal Poverty Level guidelines) and net worth, employment status, other financial obligations, amount and frequency of bills for medical care, and demonstrated effort to pay.

How to Apply for Assistance
The patient or any person involved in the care of the patient, including a family member or provider, can express financial concerns at any point during the patient’s care. The patient or responsible party will then be encouraged to complete a financial assistance application.

No More Than Amounts Generally Billed (AGB)
With respect to a specific episode of care, if you are eligible for the Financial Assistance Policy, you will not be asked to pay more for emergency or other medically necessary care than the amount generally billed to individuals who have insurance coverage for such care.

Where To Obtain Copies
You can obtain a free copy of the Financial Assistance Policy and an Application for Financial Assistance by writing or visiting the CRMC Patient Accounts Department at 1600 East Evergreen Street, Cameron, Missouri, by calling the Patient Accounts Department at (816) 649-3326, or by clicking here.

How To Obtain Assistance and Additional Information
The Patient Accounts Department personnel (see contact information in the preceding paragraph) can assist you with, and answer your questions about, the Financial Assistance Policy and the Financial Assistance Application process.